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UG97 Yaesu SCU-17   $114.95 SOLD
USB Interface
The Yaesu SCU-17 USB interface adds many different functions to the FT-450, FTdx1200 and several other high-end Yaesu HF transceivers. The rear panel has many connections. This unit is like new and includes cables, manual and box.  [07/16]
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UG98 Yaesu FFT-1   $109.95 SOLD
The Yaesu FFT-1 FFT unit adds AF-FFT scope function, RTTY/PSK31 Encode/decode, CW decode to the FTdx1200. This unit is like new and includes the box.  [07/16]
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UG62 JPS NIR-10   $109.95
Audio Filter
The JPS NIR-10 audio filter employs DSP circuits to provide effective noise reduction. The rear panel has jacks for Audio In, Speaker Out, Remote Bypass, Inv Rem Bypass, DC Input. There is a headphone jack on the front panel. Requires 12 VDC at 1 Amp. A power supply is included. With box, power supply and phooto copied manual plus spec sheet. S/N 014182.  [08/16]
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UG69 Drake FA-7   $49.95 SOLD
The Drake FA-7 is a supplementary cooling fan for the TR-5 and TR-7 series transceivers. Suggested for high duty cycle modes like SSTV, RTTY etc. The fan kit includes 4 mounting screws. It also will work with the DL-1000 dummy load. [07/16]

UZ61 Drake 2613   $39.95
The Drake 2613 is a splitter-amplifier 950-1750 MHz designed for satellite operations. It comes with description sheet plus box,instructions and two F terminators. Never used.  [08/16]

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