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UH66 AOR SDU5600   $1149.95
Spectrum Display
The AOR SDU5600 spectrum display is designed for use with the AR5000 and AR8600 series wideband receivers. The screen is a 4.7 inch diagonal fast, hi-rez. color LCD. Supports keypad entry. The rear panel has 10.7 MHz IF input and RS232 jacks. It comes with the control and RF cables and the AOR 12 VDC power supply. Includes the Owner's Manual. S/N 9051642.  [01/14]
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UK15 Sherwood SE3 MkIII   $1199.95
Phase-Locked AM Product Detector
The Sherwood Engineering SE-3 MkIII a self-contained buffer, detector, and audio amplifier system that connects to the i-f output of a compatible receiver. The outer case is in fairly good condition. The rear panel has IF input. Output is to a speaker or headphone jack. This model comes with the operating instructions, power cable and IF cable. Sherwood produced this special 12 VDC version (NOT usual 24 VDC) to fascilitate mobile operation. [PS not provided].
Visit the Sherwood website for further info.

UL27 West Mountain RIGblaster M8   $49.95
Sound Card Interface
The RIGblaster M8 allows the user to connect a radio to the computer's sound card so he or she can operate using any present or future ham radio sound card software. It features a serial interface to Standard RS232 Pin Assignments. Accessories that come with it are 120 VAC power supply, serial to RS232 cable and 8 pin or RJ45 mic adapter. Also included are the instruction manual and software CD. Original box is included.  [10/13]
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UZ81 Johnson Viking 250-39   $11.95 SOLD
T/R Switch
The Johnson Viking 250-39 T/R Switch has a slightly worn AC cord. Just joking ... we cut the cord off! Untested. Sold AS-IS.  [03/14]

UI49 GAP Hear IT Module   $139.95
Inline Filter
The GAP Hear It Module is an inline filter with up to -20dB of noise attenuation selectable at 8 levels. It uses state-of-the-art, fully adaptive, active DSP to remove unwanted background noise. This model comes with the with a mini to mini (3.5mm to 3.5mm) audio cable. No box is included.  [09/13]
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UA31 Yaesu CT-30   $14.95 SOLD
Microphone Adapter
The Yaesu CT-30 is a microphone adapter for the FT-10/40/50R handi-talkie. It allows the older speaker mics, with two pins, to be connected to the HT.  [12/11]
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X257 Collins 544-3218-003   $99.95
Front Panel
The Collins 544-3218-003 is the replacement front panel for the venerable 75S-1 receiver. We note a small corner bend when viewing the panel from the rear. This panel is new and was still wrapped. We really should clean our service department more than once every 50 years.  [01/12]

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