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Available Used:  Amateur Handi-Talkies   

UK82 Icom IC-12GAT   $169.95
1.2 GHz Handi Talkie
The Icom IC-12GAT is a 1.2 GHz HT with 1 or 0.1 watt output. It operates from 1240-1300 MHz It has a keypad and an LCD display on the top panel. The back panel has a belt clip. This system includes the BC-35 drop in charger and a AA cell holder (but no rechargeable battery pack). A rare item. S/N 01657  [08/14]
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UN54 Yaesu FT-60R     $109.95 SOLD
Dual Band Handi Talkie
The Yaesu FT-60R is a dual band HT that covers 2 meter and 440 MHz band. It transmits 5, 2 and .5 watts with 7.2 VDC input. It Also has wideband receive capabilities from 108-520 and 700-999.990 MHz (less cellular). It comes with the original battery pack and wall charger. Box and manual are also included. The FT-60 is the perfect starter radio and is ready to use right out of the box. S/N 2N583820  [08/14]
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UM01 Yaesu VX-7R   $309.95
50/144/440 MHz Handi Talkie
The Yaesu VX-7R HT provides a selectable 5/2.5/1/0.5 watts on 6M, 2M and 440 MHz plus an added 300 mW on the 220 band. In addition this HT also receives 1.8-30 MHz (Shortwave Band), 59-108 MHz (FM) and 800-999 MHz (Cellular Blocked). This radio comes with four separate HT antennas and three separate battery packs. Accessories that are also included are the vinyl case, two belt clips, power supply, PC interface cable and splitter. Copy of owners manual is also included. Radio color is silver. S/N 2G023106  [06/14]
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