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Available Used:  Portable Shortwave Radios 

UN82 Eton E1 XM   $399.95
Portable Shortwave Receiver
The Eton E1 XM features a large LCD display. This radio receives all AM, FM and shortwave frequencies. Features include 1700 memories, dual conversion, keypad and three bandwidths. The compartment for the (optional) D Cell batteries is located behind a small door on the front panel. The panel features line in and out ports, an external speaker port, a headphone jack and a external antenna port that has a KOK style connection. The right side panel of the radio has a port for an (optional) XM radio antenna. The rear panel has a flip-stand. This radio comes with the AC power supply, box with buffers and printed manual plus CD. We have spent several hours cleaning the case removing 99% of the sticky texture. It is now in excellent condition despite a hairline crack on front panel. The optional XM antenna module and XM subscription are not included. Both are required for XM reception along with an XM activation and monthly subscription fee. S/N 02073.  [08/14]
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UJ58 Sony ICF-SW800   $69.95
FM/SW Receiver
The Sony ICF-SW800 is a radio that receives FM and shortwave from 3700-17900 kHz [no AM band]. It features a digital display and a unique Card Tuning system. The right side features a Record Jack, Earphone Jack and 4.5 VDC[-] Input Jack and there is also a slot to insert special cards. Supplied cards with this radio include: presets for VOA/BBC, two free memory cards plus a time zone card. When no card is inserted, conventional keypad frequency entry is available. The rear panel has a compartment for three AA cells (not supplied) and also a storage space for the cards. Includes only the cards and photocopy of Sony spec. sheet. S/N 42331.  [09/13]
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