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UG52 KLM Multi-2700   $289.95 SOLD
VHF Amateur Transceiver
The KLM Multi-2700 is a multi-mode 2 meter transceiver covering from 144-148 MHz. RF power is 1 or 10 watts SSB/CW/FM and 10 or 3 watts AM. It has a digital display. The rear panel has an SO-239 antenna jack. The radio is in good condition. Includes original box, and Owner's Manual, satellite orbit calculator, hand mic and DC cord. Extremely well built. S/N 10318.  [07/13]

UH72 Icom IC-2820H + UT123   $549.95 SOLD
2M/440 Mobile Transceiver
The Icom IC-2820H 144/440 MHz transceiver has 3 power settings, built-in CTCSS decode/encode, selectable amber/green display, PC compatibility and 522 memory channels. The display is detachable from the base alowing the user to mount it in vertually any setting. Under the control head features TNC connections, GPS antenna jack, mic connector and the control head connection port. (This model has the optional Icom UT123 D-Star DV Digital Voice / GPS Unit installed.) The rear panel features two SO-239 antenna jacks for both the 144 and 440 MHz bands. This radio comes with DTMF hand mic, DC power cord, mounting accessories, the original box and original manual. Along with the manual comes a copy of the Nifty quick reference manual for this specific model. S/N 0504402  [09/13]
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