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The AOR TVA1 was designed primarily for use with the AOR AR5000 or AR5000+3, but also works with the Icom R8500. It demodulates audio and video TV signals. The signal is tapped from the 10.7 MHz IF output of the receiver. There is a switch on the front to select either conventional broadcast NTSC TV [AM] or security camera TV [FM]. (The European PAL format is not supported). There is a second switch to select 5.5 MHz or 6.5 MHz FM subcarrier frequency. The TVA1 operates from 12 VDC external power. A 39 inch (1 m) coaxial jumper cable with a male BNC at each end is supplied to connect the TVA1 to the receiver. There is an RCA phono jack for video and an RCA phono jack for audio. These jacks would typically connect to a composite video monitor (not supplied). Most newer televisions also have separate video and audio inputs, and could be used. (Please note that a VGA computer monitor will not work).

Video Format: NTSC
Video Output: 1 V p-p (75 ohm) RCA phone Jack
Audio Output: 0.3V ms (47 k ohm) RCA phone Jack
Input: 10.7 MHz BNC from receiver
Operating Temperature: 14 - 114° F
Dimensions: 3.75 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches
Weight: 4.2 ounces
Power Requirements: 12 - 13.5 VDC [+] or included 120 VAC AC adapter

Special note to R8500 owner's:
The IF output jack on the rear panel of the R8500 is an RCA phono plug. The supplied AOR TVA1 cable is BNC to BNC. Therefore, you will need to convert the RCA phono jack to a BNC jack using adapter #2373 shown below.

Order # Photo Item Description Source Your Price Order
#2373 BNC-RCA BNC-RCA BNC female to RCA male adapter.
Will convert RCA phono jack to BNC jack.
P-957   $1.99

Please note that American broadcast television converted to a digital format on 02/17/09. After this date you cannot view broadcast television with this device.

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