Kantronics KPC-3+

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The KPC-3+ is a small full-featured packet TNC and is engineered for dependable and versatile digital communications. This unit reflects many years of Kantronics experience and is built with an eye toward emerging applications. It comes standard with 512K RAM. Like all Kantronics TNC's, the KPC-3+ comes with PBBS, KA-Node, Host Mode and Kiss capabilities.

The latest "Plus" version features:  two A/D inputs, two digital output control lines, digital pots so audio drive can be set from the PC, APRS commands and an informative 250 page manual.

External connection ports on the rear panel include a DB-9 female (radio port) and a DB-25 female (computer/data terminal). This device requires 6 to 25 VDC at less than 30mA. (Power supply is not provided). Click here for specifications.

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