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Pixel Technologies RF PRO-1B

The Pixel Technologies RF PRO-1B is a broadband, magnetic, directional receive loop antenna covering 50 kHz to 30 MHz. It provides several key advantages over traditional shortwave antennas. At only 38 inches wide, it is compact and unobtrusive. It is designed to operate from the magnetic component of the radio signal, and is therefore more immune to man-made interference. It features a preamp right at the base of the loop. It can even operate at ground level. No tuning is required. It is directional (user must supply their own antenna rotor). Outperforms much larger antennas.

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System diagram.
Included items

Order # Model Description Price Order
#6148 CC-  50 RG6 Coaxial cable [Quad-shield F to F]   50 foot $46.95
#6149 CC-100 RG6 Coaxial cable [Quad-shield F to F] 100 foot $54.95
#6150 CC-150 RG6 Coaxial cable [Quad-shield F to F] 150 foot $62.95
#6151 CC-200 RG6 Coaxial cable [Quad-shield F to F] 200 foot $70.95

Order # Photo Model Description Price Order
#2032 AR303 Hygain AR303 Antenna rotator (requires 4 conductor cable, not supplied). INFO $119.95

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