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Ameco PT-3

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Ameco PT-3

The Ameco PT-3 preamplifier employs a dual-gate FET providing a low noise figure, thereby improving the weak signal performance of most receivers. Image and spurious rejection are greatly improved. Gain is in excess of 20 dB. The PT-3 covers 1.8 to 54 MHz.

The PT-3 can be used with a receiver or a transceiver (under 350 watts). Hook-up is very easy. The input and output impedances are nominally 50 Ohms to match most antennas. SO-239s jacks are used for input from the antenna and output to the radio.

Operates on 12 VDC or with optional Ameco P12T AC power supply (see below).
Ameco products feature a one year limited warranty.

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#0167 P12T AC power supply 12 VDC (200 mA) $14.95

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