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AC-108 Combiner

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RadioMaster AC-108

The RadioMaster AC-108 combiner answers the question, "How do you connect both a shortwave and VHF antenna to a wideband receiver?"

Many of the newer wideband scanners such as the AOR AR3000, AR8200, AR8600, ICOM PCR100 and PCR1000 feature just one BNC antenna input. But very few antennas cover the entire range of these radios. The AC-108 lets you connect a shortwave and a VHF/UHF antenna at the same time. This combiner has a BNC input for 10 kHz to 108 MHz and a BNC input for for 108-1500 MHz. This device combines the signals of both antennas and feeds them to the receiver via the short BNC coax jumper. Both antenna inputs have a DC leak-path to ground, allowing static build up to flow harmlessly to ground.

Note:  Many listeners use the Radio Master A-108 wideband antenna for the 10 kHz to 108 MHz coverage.

Made in Holland.

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