Eton Road Torq

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Eton Road Torq

The Eton Road Torq is a durable, self-powered dynamo hand cranked emergency light with built-in Li-ion battery.
It folds for convenient storage in your car and features 3 red LEDS and a bright 1 watt LED spotlight.
Crank for 2 minutes for 15 minutes of light. Also has 5V DC power input.

If you ever have to change a tire at night, you will be glad to have your Road Torq. Even the legs are reflective!

The Road Torq is shown above in three different views:
  Collapsed for storage
  Showing the 3 flashing red LEDs
  Showing the white 1 watt LED spotlight

  The Eton Road Torq radio will be included FREE with your purchase of a Grundig G2 Reporter
        from Universal Radio for a limited time. This item may also be purchased separately.

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