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Kaito KA500 BLK
AM/FM/SW Portable

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Kaito KA500

The Kaito KA500 Voyager has all the features that you need in an emergency situation. There are six ways to power the KA500:  dynamo cranking, solar panel power, three AA cells, built-in Ni-MH battery pack, optional AC adaptor or from a computer via the USB port. It has a 5 LED reading lamp on the rear panel, and a LED flashlight on the side. The radio is designed to charge some other electronic items. It has a bi-directional USB jack that can connect with many standard USB enabled items like iPods, cell phones, etc. and it is protected by a rubber cover. This radio tunes AM, FM and shortwave in two bands:  3.2-8 and 9-22 MHz. The weather band tunes 162.400/162.425/162.450/162.475/162.50/162.525/162.55 MHz continuous. The weather band has an alert feature. With a water resistant black case. With earbuds.

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#5217 AC ADAPTER Provides regulated 6VDC at 130mA, 2.0/5.5 mm plug [+] $14.95

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