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Based on the total order
Up to $50.00 ........ $  6.95
$50.01 to $100 ..... $  8.95
$100.01 to $500.... $  9.95
$500.01 to $1000.. $14.95
For USA customers
(except: AK/HI/PR)
Insurance included.

Morse Code Keys & Accessories 

Ameco Code Practice Oscillator & Keys
Bencher Hand Keys
Hex Key
MFJ MFJ-401D Iambic Keyer
MFJ-407D Iambic Keyer
MFJ-418 Morse Tutor
MFJ-422D and MFJ-422DX Keyer-Paddle and Keyer
MFJ-461 Morse Code Reader
MFJ-464 Morse Code Reader/Keyer
MFJ-490 and MFJ-490X Keyer-Paddle and Keyer
MFJ-492 and MFJ-492X Memory Keyer
MFJ-495 Memory Keyer
MFJ-550 Morse Economy Key
MFJ-553 Morse Economy Key on Wood Stand
MFJ-557 Code Practice Oscillator & Key
West Mountain Radio TOUCHkeyer Iambic Paddle & Memory Keyer
Vibroplex Blue Racer 2000 Keys
Code Warrior Junior Iambic
Iambic keys
Straight Keys
Contact Cleaner
Please also see Amateur Study Books
Morse Code Tapes and CDs
Discontinued Morse Code

NOTE:   Code keys and paddles do not include the cable to your radio.
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