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Yaesu YS-60/500
SWR/Power Meters


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YS-60 and YS-500 Meters

The Yaesu YS-60 and YS-500 are compact, peak-reading SWR/Power meters with measurement accuracy of greater than 10%.
Insertion loss is only 0.1 dB on the YS-60 and 0.1 to 0.2 dB on the YS-500. Both have 50 ohm input and output impedances.
The rear panel has SO-239 input and output jacks.

The YS-60 has red & black wires for the required 11-15 VDC 200 mA input.
120x72x85mm 680g.

Model Range Power Min.Pwr Connector List Price Your Price Order
YS-  60   1.6- 60 MHz 20/200/2000 3 watts SO-239 Discontinued
YS-500 140-525 MHz 4/20/200 4 watts SO-239 Discontinued

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