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Icom CS-RX7
Software & Cable

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Icom CS-RX7

Well here is the story. We messed up. We bought way too many Icom CS-RX7 software/cable packages. And now the IC-RX7 is discontinued. That's the bad news.
The good news is that the CS-RX7 package includes the OPC-478UC. Plus the necessary Windows 2000/XP or Vista drivers are on the CD! (If you need drivers for a Window® 7 PC, you may download it from the Icom website).

So here is a cheap way to buy the OPC-478UC cable for your Icom HT! (Just ignore the CS-RX7 programing software on the CD).
Please note that programming software is not included. Please see item #2593 CS-V80, sold separately.

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