Icom ID-51A
50th Anniversary

2M/440 D-STAR HT

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Icom ID-51A Anniversary

The Icom ID-51A 50th Anniversary Edition is a limited production radio series with all the regular ID-51A features plus:

  • Faster Data transfer in DV mode
  • RS-MS1A Android™ Application (optional OPC-2350LU cable required)
  • Additional FA-S270E long center-loaded antenna for optimal receive performance
  • Additional Dplus reflector link commands
  • DV and FM repeater search functions
  • Enhanced D-PRS functions

Please see the ID-51A+ page for technical information and accessories.

Available Colors
Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#6370 ID-51A BLUE Turquois blue case $492.00 $399.98
#6371 ID-51A GREEN Lime green case $492.00 $399.98
  ID-51A RED Red case Discontinued
#6365 ID-51A WHITE White case $492.00 $399.98
  ID-51A BLACK Black case Discontinued

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