Yaesu FT-7
80-10M Analog



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Discontinued Amateur HF Transceives 

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Yaesu FT-7

  • 80-10 meters
  • 100 kHz Calibrator
  • Receiver Offset Tuning
  • Semi-break-in with sidetone
  • Compact Size
  • Internal VFO / Ext. VFO / Fixed (optional)
  • MOS FET Receiver Front-End
  • Single Knob Tuning

The Yaesu FT-7 amateur transceiver covers 80 to 10 meters in CW, LSB and USB modes. Power input is 20 watts. Operation is from 12 VDC at 3 Amps. (230x80x290mm 5 kg). Shown above with optional YF-846 hand mic.

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
  FL110 Amplifier. INFO  Discontinued
  FP-4 Power Supply Discontinued
  FP-7 Power Supply Discontinued
  YD-844 Base Microphone. INFO  Discontinued
  YD-846 Hand Microphone.   Discontinued

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