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Yaesu FT-DX9000

The Yaesu FTDX9000 series continues in the proud tradition of the FT-1000D. Covering HF and 6 meters; this radio is available in a total of three radio configurations including a 200 and 400 watt versions. With other optional accessories, you can select over 100 possible configurations! The 200 watt versions feature a built-in power supply. There is an external power supply on the 400 watt version. The leading edge TFT display on the FTDX9000D gives you unprecedented information and access to dozens of features and settings. Its flash memory and keyboard connector ensure that your station will evolve as the FT-DX9000 does!

Receiver highlights include:  selectable roofing filters (15/6/3 kHz) and a typical IP3 in excess of +40 dBm, and the best close-in Dynamic range on the market. 32-Bit IF DSP with adjustable filter response contours, variable bandwidth, variable passband center, noise reduction and IF Manual notch. You get true dual receive with identical receivers for Main and Sub. You can watch the band with a fast acting spectrum display (D version) with variable frequency range.

Transmitter highlights include: both 200 and 400 watt versions, Class-A operation at 100 watts (400 watt version or 75 watts with the 200 watt version), IF DSP speech processing and microphone equalization and monitor for voice data and CW modes. There is also a low level transverter output port.

Other refinements include: flash memory port, PS/2 keyboard input, PC data port, direct frequency entry, analog meters, and rotor interface jack for direction indication on the TFT display (D version only). The rear panel features four TX/RX antenna jacks plus two RX-only jacks. (Available display color is now only umber.)
See QST July 2010 for a review of this radio.

Please note that options (except SP9000) must be installed by Yaesu Service in California. Some prices higher, if items added later.
     The FTDX9000 special-order series is actually shipped and supported directly from Yaesu USA in California.   

Order # Model Photo Output TFT Options List Price Your Price
#0900 FTDX9000D VIEW 200 watts Yes No options (except SP9000) $11200.00 $8799.00
  FTDX9000 Contest VIEW 200 watts No See Contest options below. Discontinued
#0442 FTDX9000MP VIEW 400 watts No See MP options below. $12400.00 $9699.00
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FTDX-9000 Contest Options
Order # Item Description List Price Your Price
#0000 RXU-9000 Dual receive unit $2750.00 $1749.00
#0000 VRF-9000 VRF Unit for RXU $310.00 $239.00
#5507 DMU-9000 Data Management Unit $2000.00 $1299.00
#0000 TFT-9000 TFT Display Unit $1780.00 $1289.00
#5514 AAE36X001 MTU-160 for 1.8 MHz $650.00 $479.00
#5515 AAE36X002 MTU-80/40 for 3.5 & 7 MHz $650.00 $479.00
#5516 AAE36X003 MTU-30/20 for 10 & 14 MHz $650.00 $479.00

FTDX-9000 MP Options
Order # Item Description List Price Your Price
#0000 TFT-9000 TFT Display Unit $1780.00 $1289.00
#0000 TFT-9000 TFT Display Unit (if ordered later)   $1700.00
#5514 AAE36X001 MTU-160 for 1.8 MHz $650.00 $479.00
#5515 AAE36X002 MTU-80/40 for 3.5 & 7 MHz $650.00 $479.00
#5516 AAE36X003 MTU-30/20 for 10 & 14 MHz $650.00 $479.00

Common Options
Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#1301 SP-9000 External speaker with filtration. INFO $500.00 $369.95

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