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MFJ-722B The The MFJ-722B is a SSB/CW tunable 70dB notch filter. It has an eight pole active IC filtering and uses cascaded low-Q stages.... MORE INFO $92.95
G3 The Grundig G3 Globe Traveler long wave, AM, FM (stereo to earphone jack), continuous shortwave plus the VHF aircraft band. It features dual conversion AM/SW circuitry and 700 memories. Our best selling shortwave .... MORE INFO $99.95
MFJ-826B The MFJ-826B digital SWR/Wattmeter/Frequency Counter measures up to 1500 Watts. You get three high-resolution ranges with 10-bit accuracy in each range from 1.8 to 54 MHz! True peak or average forward and ... MORE INFO $149.95
MFJ-224 The MFJ-224 is a revolutionary handheld 2 Meter FM Signal Analyzer™ that lets you measure: signal strength, FM deviation, antenna gain, beam width, front-to-back ratio, side lobe suppression and feedline loss in dB. ... MORE INFO $149.95
S450DLX The Grundig S450DLX Field Radio offers exceptional value and superior reception of AM, FM and international shortwave. Utilizing dual-conversion superheterodyne circuit design, it's powered by six D cells (not included) for exceptionally long play-time. It receives all shortwave frequencies (1.7 to 30 MHz) .... MORE INFO $99.99
S50 Listening to your iPOD has never been so attractive! With its innovative design and sleek style, the Etón Sound 50 was designed to enhance your iPOD audio collection. Enjoying your playlist is as easy as plugging your iPod into the docking station and letting it charge while you listen and enjoy .... MORE INFO $79.95
OPC-478UC The Icom CS-RX7 package includes the OPC-478UC used on many Icom HTs. Plus the necessary Windows drivers are on the CD! So here is a cheap way to buy the OPC-478UC cable for your Icom HT! (Just ignore the CS-RX7 programing software on the CD) .... MORE INFO $44.95
VAC-800 The Yaesu VAC-800 is a desktop rapid charger for the VX-800 handheld. It comes with the PA-23B AC adapter .... MORE INFO $59.95

All close-out and over-stock items are new and with original manufacturer's warranties.
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