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Transmitters Exciters &
Power Amplifiers

By Raymond S. Moore.
Over 550 transmitters from 118 companies are featured in this excellent reference with 470 photos. Includes:  B&W, Collins, Drake, Eldico, ETO, Galaxy, Gonset, Gross, Hallicrafters, Hammarlund, Harvey, Heath, Henry, Johnson, TMC, WRL, and more. 1996 RSM Publishing 144 pages.

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Communications Receivers
The Vacuum Tube Era

By Raymond S. Moore.
This comprehensive book reviews and reflects on the golden years of the vacuum tube receivers; 1932 to 1981. Key facts, features and photos of:  Breting, Collins, Echophone, Gonset, Hallicrafters, Howard, National, Hammarlund, McMurdo Silver, Drake, Sargent, RME, etc. With loads of photos. Fourth Edition. 1997 RSM Publishing. 141 pages.

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We found a few copies of this book in the warehouse. They are complete, but with slightly blemished covers.

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