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The Forrest Mims Engineer's Mini Notebook are great for hobbyists who want to study and build all types of circuits -- and they include really wonderful ideas for science fair projects. Published by Master/W5YI. Click the cover image to view larger.

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#0501 Vol1 Volume 1
Timer, Op Amp and Opto electronic Circuits & Projects

Projects:  Sound Effects Generator, Tone Burster, Chirp Generator, Gated Oscillator, Pulse Generator, Frequency Meter, LED Flasher, Audio Amp, Sound Meter, Percussion Synthesizer, Photophone, Light Sensitive Circuits and more.
#0462 Vol2 Volume 2
Science and Communication Circuits & Projects
Build projects to detect:  Raindrops, Temperature, Earthquakes, Haze, Pressure, Solar Radiation, Motion, Light and more.
#0461 Vol3 Volume 3
Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects
Build projects that detect:  Moving Air, Tilt, Pressure, Direction, Heat, Vibration, Movement, Strain, Light and Magnetic Fields. Also use sensors to: Trigger Relays, Charge Batteries, Measure Light, Control a Tone and Monitor Your PC.
#0457 Vol4 Volume 4
Electronic Formulas, Symbols & Circuits
You get hundreds of electronic references:  Formulas, Tables, Circuit Symbols, Device Packages, Design Tips, Testing Tips. Includes many circuits using: Diodes, Transistors, Power FETs, Piezoelectric Buzzers. Plus Basic logic and digital circuits: TTL, CMOS and Interfacing.

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