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Discontinued Scanner Antennas 

AntennaCraft ST2 Base Antenna 25-1000 MHz
Antenna Specialist MON-  52 Mobile Antenna 25-1000 MHz
MON-  63 Mobile Antenna Coupler
MON-  64 Base Discone Antenna 25-1000 MHz
MON-731 Base Antenna 25-1000 MHz
MON-751 Mobile Antenna 50-894 MHz
MON-752 Mobile Antenna 50-894 MHz
MON-R31 Base Antenna 25-1000 MHz
MON-R33 Mobile Antenna 25-50, 130-174, 450-512 and 800-1000 MHz.
MON-R51 Mobile Antenna 25-1000 MHz
AOR DA3000 Base Discone Antenna 25-2000 MHz
DA5000 Base Discone Antenna 700-3000 MHz
DS3000 Base Discone Antenna 75-3000 MHz
Apex 703G-DA Base Discone Antenna 70-3000 MHz
713G-DA Base Discone Antenna 70-3000 MHz
Crane SCA Gainer Handheld Scanner Antenna
Comet DS15 Base Discone Antenna 25-1000 MHz
Diamond D220 Mini Discone Antenna 100-1600 MHz
Dressler ARA2000LL/ARA2000HDX Base Active Antenna 50-2000 MHz
Icom AH-7000 Base Discone Antenna   25-1300 MHz
Maldol AH-W100RX Handheld Antenna 70-900 MHz
AL-500H/HS Airband Handheld Antenna 116-174 & 230-360 MHz.
MaxSystems 8BA Base Scanner Antenna 800-900 MHz
8HH Handheld Scanner Antenna 800-950 MHz
Nil-Jon Super-M Mobile Antenna 25-1300 MHz
Super-M BS Base Antenna 25-1300 MHz
PAR MON-3 Base Antenna 144-174, 440-470 and 800-900 MHz
Valor 651B Mobile Magnetic Antenna 30-1200 MHz
652B Mobile Trunk Lip Antenna 25-960 MHz
PMM3B Mobile Magnetic Antenna 100-1200 MHz
TGS Mobile Glass Mount Antenna 112-1200 MHz
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